Our Team 2017


Michael Strong is a full time student in the MBA -global program. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and companies which create shared value. As president of Net Impact he is excited to support local social entrepreneurs build their ventures and developing a Toronto wide Net Impact team.

DAMLA OZYORUK                                           VP, MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS

Damla is a full time student in the MBA-Global program and has a diverse experience in energy, agriculture and hospitality industries with a focus on research and development. She is passionate about driving change through conscious and sustainable activities in the business world and aspires to achieve this at Net Impact Ryerson. 


Paramjit Singh Grewal is a full time MBA-MTI student with experience in business analytics in financial institutions. With a desire and commitment to contribute  towards social causes, he has joined Net Impact to apply financial analysis and MBA skills in initiatives of the chapter. He believes Net Impact projects can create net positive social value.

NIKITA VARMA                                            VP, MEMBERSHIP

Nikita is a full time student in the MBA-Global program. She has experience in software development and business analytics in Information Technology Services. Her experience in managing and conducting CSR initiatives in her most recent workplace  left her with a sense of fulfillment and motivation to contribute to towards a better tomorrow. Through Net Impact, she intends to continue this  journey and solve the grass-root problems affecting Canada.

KUMAR SATYAKAM                                VP, EVENTS

“What is the use of living, it it be not to strive for noble causes” – Winston Churchill

Kumar Satyakam, a lawyer, a business student and a person who truly believes in the famous saying ” I will do whatever it takes to get the job done”. He has joined Net Impact Ryerson with an ambition, which he aspires to attain. He is dedicated in working in collaboration with his dedicated and highly motivated team.


Ronesh is a full-time student in the MBA-MTI program with a decade of experience in Technology Consulting and IT Management.  Ronesh believes, that he will be able to use his entrepreneurial experience to help communities and social ventures. Ronesh also aims to help in creating sustained business value for social and environmental ventures.


Keeghan likes to get paid to do things he would probably do for free. He’s been paid to watch football as a sports journalist and experiment with international cooking via his catering company. All proceeds fund his MBA and baffling lifestyle. He hopes that Net Impact can take advantage of the untapped knowledge of an eager student body to push through sustainable initiatives. 

ERINA SHIRAI                                VP, CAREER DEVELOPMENT

Erina is a full time international student in the MScM program with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. Previously, she has worked as a corporate planning analyst at the AIG Tokyo office and engaged with various diversity and inclusion initiatives. She is passionate about connecting with local sustainable organizations, and exploring opportunities for the chapter that will make a positive impact in the community through creativity and innovation.

NATALY RICO                                            VP, PART-TIME

Nataly Rico has been an entrepreneur for the past 8 years in Venezuela. She currently joined the MBA-MTI program to integrate her practical background with a learning and academic experience. She is interested in creating business solutions that integrate sustainability.

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