Our Net Impact Ryerson team welcomes the opportunity to partner with organizations in our community. Below are some of the past projects that we were involved in:

September 2016 – till date

  • Children of Hope Uganda (COHU)
    COHU is involved in transforming the lives of a northern Ugandan community that was once affected by a local war that lead to major catastrophes. This noble organization is committed to supporting the education of the youth (in North Uganda) as well as fostering income generating activities among the skilled individuals of the said communities.
    NIR’s contributions:

    1. Assisted COHU’s founder Lorna Pitcher on several fund raising initiatives by co-preparing presentations and businesses pitches in competitions such as the RCKC Signature Project ($ 110,000 grant), Ryerson Social Venture Pitch Competition ($ 25,000 grant), and many more such funding opportunities.
    2. Representing COHU at exhibitions in order to involve more volunteers and promote the premium crafted artisanal goods (jewelry made out of recycled paper, stuffed animals made out of cloth and cotton, etc…).
    3. Prepare artwork as well as certain content for the seasonal newsletters that are sent out to the generous donors of COHU.
  • Voguabond
    Voguabond is a venture interested in creating a massive market opportunity for Upcyclists—creative independent fabric designers around the world who are keen on reproducing existing fabric into more sophisticated and eco-friendly garments. The organization, in principle, is commissioned to create an awareness in the retail markets about the work of the Upcyclists, consequently making an environmental impact on a global level!
    NIR’s contributions:

    1. Assisted in developing the key components of the website such as the home page and other customer shopping pages. The design work has been carried out through shopify (
    2. Enabled smoother online customer experience by integrating the customer “sign-up” function on the website with the globally popular login APIs of Google and Facebook.
    3. Provided hands-on expertise of the HTML technology to further enhance and modify the designs of the company’s online properties.

March 2015

We would love to hear about your projects and potential partnership opportunities. Please see our partnership page for information on how to connect, partner, and collaborate with our chapter.


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