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Diana By Blue Easel Labs

We are developing a user-centric technology based on evidence that provides insights into the unique barriers women face in negotiation and how a software tool can address the gap. Our tool will help women prepare for and engage in high-stakes business communication in the professional setting, particularly as it pertains to gender pay parity.

The solution is a customizable mobile software/AI product aimed at helping women negotiate in a safe, low-risk environment.

The first component is mobile and web application that women can log into and, in 5 minutes a day or less, learn effective negotiation strategies that are tailored to their career stage and the typical negotiations they undertake at work. The platform is centred around virtual methods of practice, including iMessage-style and voice virtual training modules, scripts and tips from successful women, and expert frameworks. The AI – or virtual training modules – will act as the “virtual sandbox” where women can practice negotiations in a low-risk environment, reducing the fear and anxiety they feel before engaging in higher-stakes conversations professionally. Our go-to-market will be a chatbot with which women can practice high-stakes conversations.


Buzzercode aims to provide a platform to connect neighbours in high rise buildings by engaging residents in a variety of face-to-face interactions. Since each community is composed of a unique combination of individuals, the types of interactions that emerge will vary from building to building. Examples of the types of engagement that may occur include service exchanges (exchanging keys, grocery shopping, pick up from medical appointment, hanging art on the wall, etc.), shared meals group, exercise group, pet sitting exchange, board games group, movie nights, finding a tennis partner etc.

Vesta SIT

We are building an impartial, independent and unbiased platform, based on analytics, machine learning and aSynthetic Intelligence (AI). Vesta will provide the intangible, but critical, first step in early reporting a sexual assault, a resource that will validate, support and encourage the victim. Vesta, as an empathetic ‘chatbot’, will provide 24/7 unbiased support and let victims tell their narrative with the convenience of their smartphone, day or night. Vesta will take a holistic approach by interweaving evidence collection while helping the victims process their emotions, reactions and memories.

Feedback App

Feedback enables customers to access the lowest prices on specific food items, at specific times throughout the day in order to help restaurants attract off-peak traffic and reduce their leftover food while giving back to the local community. Using the app, customers can browse restaurants, which have significantly lowered their prices at certain times, to ensure they don’t have product going to waste.


Zendagi is a social impact jewelry line. Zendagi works directly with artisan living in remote, high mountain communities to create market access for the jewelry they produce. Zendagi is currently working with artisan communities in Northern Pakistan, in the province of Gilgit. Artisans are working with locally sourced gemstones, such as quartz, topaz, lapis, and metals like silver and brass to produce the jewelry. Over the years, various NGOs have provided the artisans with extensive training in gemstone processing and jewelry processing but failed to create market access and this is where zendagi steps in and with increased sales hopes to provide a sustainable livelihood for these artisans.

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