Partner with Us

Net Impact Ryerson provides pro bono social consulting by leveraging the expertise, experience, and passion of the students, alumni, and faculty at the Ted Rogers School of Management. We would love to hear about your projects, and potential partnership.

how_to_choose_the_best_business_partnerWhat can we do?

We can take on small projects spanning between 1-6 months covering most professional areas. We can size all projects based on the scope and the level of support that will be required. Our teams have been involved in both academic and commercial projects related to procurement, case studies, market research, business cases, and more.

What do we need?

We are committed and we need your commitment. We will need to liaise with your team to ascertain how best to fit our practice with yours. We also require a symbolic honorarium from our partners to cover light travel in the city and administrative costs.

How to connect with us?

Send us an e-mail at Net Impact Ryerson, tell us a bit about your project, how we can help, and how we can reach you to learn more.

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