Winter Knowledge Exchange Recap

Winter Knowledge Exchange Recap

On a hoodie-warm St. Paddy’s morning, the Net Impact team were hard at work during their second Knowledge Exchange of the 2017-18 academic year.

With help from six volunteers from the MBA/MsCM full and part-time cohort, Saturday’s Knowledge Exchange tackled business challenges of three purpose-driven startups from the Social Venture Zone.

Maybe it was the cozy couches and ping pong table workstations at the SVZ, the first brush with spring weather or the promise of pints to come, but there was a vibe during the session that put everyone at ease.

This session had only half the participants of December’s, but felt every bit as gratifying. There was an intimacy to the smaller groups that made the process seem remarkably cohesive.

Most agreed it was refreshing to take a break from the school grind and put their business acumen to good use in a more socially conscious context. Plus, it was great just to catch up with everyone over sushi.  

Here are some takeaways from each of the three venture groups.

GH90: Global health industry job board

Mike, Nikita V, Nataly, Ashwin and Julian got to work with founder Hayley Mundeva to identify and segment customers based on needs, before creating a month-by-month rollout marketing plan.

Mike: “This is a product that is needed as there are many people interested in working in this important sector which brings the knowledge and expertise of health professionals to developing nations, but the act of finding a job is difficult and the resources fragmented. GH90 fixes this fragmentation by bringing job seekers together with employers.”

ParentUp: Mobile app that provides support for teenage mothers in the Philippines

Founder Liza Ong sat down with Erina, Paramjit, Kumar and Alec to develop a self-sustaining revenue structure following the launch of the pilot project. They created a six-month implementation plan that focused on broadening grant opportunities, strengthening partnerships with local communities, and specializing services to cater to a broader target audience.

Erina: “We were enthusiastic to work with a company that is dedicated to making a real impact for young women in the Philippines, and we are excited to hear about the success of her pilot project.”

L’uomo Strano: Non-gendered clothing line

Damla, Ronesh, Krishna, Tao, Hendra and Keeghan teamed up with Mic Carter to turn his passion project into a sustainable business.

Through a combination of business model and marketing solutions, the team developed a detailed first-year implementation strategy to digitally promote the brand story and identify an effective cost/revenue structure and target market.

Mic: “Saturday was an extremely generative experience for me, and I walked away with a series of “aha” moments and strategies to encourage a greater sense of professionalism and ease when it comes to the next few years [of my company].”

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